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We offer a variety of design services including full printed material design services, Internet services, as well as, support solutions.

Our policy is to give our customers the highest level of creativity & technical design for their money. We closely watch the market and keep our pricing to below the average market price. We feel by offering our services at a non-inflationary price and by providing indepth, upfront quotes to customers, we can grow by helping others to grow.

PhotographyWebsite Design and Creation

Our award winning websites include both functional interface designs and advanced WebDNA programming, as well as JAVA and CSS to give the best look and highest usability available to your customers.

We offer service and support for all your internet needs, including interface design (GUI), eCommerce, XML based SEO services, remote content management, internet marketing (web/print/social) and hosting.

  • Advanced Web Solutions
  • Content Management System
  • Hosting

Advanced Web Solutions

We specialize in creating custom solutions for companies to distribute their merchandise/information on the Internet in the most useful manner for their customers and target market. We can assist your company with the planning, development and implementation of a company website with full customer interactivity which can include:

  • Online shopping (Similar to Amazon.com)
  • Online glossaries/dictionaries
  • Customer account systems
  • High volume information sharing
  • Classified ads
  • Search Engine sites (Similar to Yahoo.com)
  • Event calendars
  • Advertising banner systems
  • Career sites (Similar to Monster.com)

We can also assist in the development of corporate intranet/extranet for you to serve your internal and external customer needs. We can make your idea a reality, without breaking your budget.

Content Management System (CMS)

The websites we design feature Content Management System (CMS) for remote content control. These CMS functions let our customers to connect to their website from any web browser and review stat and make changes to the content of the site at any time. The CMS system lets a person with limited internet experience to make changes to their site at any time, free of charge. This gives our customers the freedom to change their sites content as often as they like, without the worry of running up a service charge.


We offer website hosting, to our valued customers. We can offer high speed server space, as well as, integrated server software and online statistics for your site(s) 24hr's a day. Plus 24hr a day server management for maximum up time for your website(s). Our web hosting features WebDNA Enterprise software and FTP access.

We support:
WebDNA WebTrends MicroSoft Server Cisco Systems JAVA

Direct Mail: Catalogs, Magazines and Printed Marketing Materials

PrintOur catalog and magazine production services are world class. We can help develop a catalog marketing plan including how, where and when your catalog(s) will be released. Then we can help develop a Catalog Development Solution (CDS) for your company. The CDS program, is our method of managing catalog projects which includes accurate time tables and production goals, as well as, to let us see the overall goal of the catalog so that the goal can be reached for the lowest cost and reap the highest ROI for our customer.

And if needed, we can help implement a full Content Management System company wide. Content Management System will help you develop a consistent up-to-date copy, as well as, storing the copy in a manageable Database. This way your information can be quickly edited and retasked for a variety of additional marketing solutions for your company including; print materials, online website catalogs, etc. This also helps lower your companies internal cost because information is being repurposed not recreated.

We can also create Direct-Mail marketing material and magazine/newspaper ad's to target both the wide consumer market as well as targeting specialized B2B (Business to Business) markets.

Business Products and Promo Items

ToyWe have the experience in graphic design to design and produce customized business products for your company such a pocket folders, ink pens, company shirts, etc. (even toy gators) As well as corporate promo items for your next trade show or staff meeting. In addition, we have the ability to design and produce products as well as the experience to source vendors to manufacture them at a reasonable price.

With our strong production background we can offer a full range of demo and super-comp creation services for your company. Working with you we can create 3D models or illustrations of your new product during your engineering process for use in your pre-release marketing program.

Prepress and Press Management

We offers our service of managing the post-production aspect of your project. We can handle the managerial aspect of selecting prepress and printer vendors to suit your projects needs and find the lowest cost for those services. Selecting vendors for film output, printing, fulfillment, website hosting or website updating can be very time consuming and requires a lot of experience to ensure the correct choice is made.

We can also handle the quality assurance which is crucial to the press-check to handle any press management and fulfillment house issues that could negatively affect your project and ROI.

PhotographyMarketing Solutions

We offer our experience in print and Internet projects to help you by consulting on marketing implementation projects including; real world budgeting of production time, operational and capital costs, as well as, budgeting for future expansion and production needs. We also can consult on personnel issues, such as hiring and training.

Our experience in marketing plan implementation has given us the insight to know what is really needed to make your project happen. We offer consultation for your company on such technical aspects as color separation and printer selection, including: direct-to-plate & on-demand printing, as well as, hardware, software & network solutions you may need.

We also offer support for implementing your companies "Social Marketing campaign. Including: FaceBook, Twitter, Four Square, Linked In, Google Adword, QR Codes, RSS feeds and other new media as it comes available.
Social Networks


PhotographyWe offers a variety of photography solutions for your projects. With experience in both studio and location shooting, we can offer the best solution for your photographic needs and produce the highest quality images for your needs.

Plus, we offer the extra benefit for our Internet customers, of our knowledge of Internet design and photography. This lets us offer the highest quality images with minimal file size for Internet use.

PhotographyWe also offer the latest in digital photo retouching. We can accept images from multiple sources then edit, color correct, composite the images then out-put the new images to disk, print or to film for you. Our printing background helps us prep the new images for maximum printability/readability for your final use of the image. Our image editing ability lets us offer our customers the option of repairing or altering their current photos for new projects without having to reshoot a complex or one time chance photo. We also can support you in the assist management of organizing your photos and other marketing materials for for repurposing, increase the ROI for your companies investment.

Our Sports Photography service can provide you breath taking photos of any event you want. motor-sports, football, soccer, base ball, etc. We can cover both amateur or professional events. With of digital services and experience we can have most jobs ready for publication within minutes of the event, given our clients an great advantage in there advertising market.


We offers both digital (A master of Adobe Illustrator since 1988) and hand illustrating services. We are experienced in still life drawing and custom concept illustrations. We also offer character drawing for the developement of company mascots.

Asset Management

Asset ManagementWe have a long track record of marketing implementation, which would not be possible if not for our strong understand of asset management and internal organizational skills. We can help you establish your own Marketing Resource Management System, or we can manage your marketing assets for you.

Our asset management goal is to have martial's available for retasking to new projects incleasing your ROI. As well as, having all resources available for cross-platform access. We see retasking marketing assets as the key to lowering production/implementation cost and open the company to more marketing avenues, quickly.

Production ServicesProduction Services

We have the experience and man power to produce catalogs and eCommerce websites are record speeds (first to market, first to profit). Let us assist you with your marketing project by relieving you of the production equipment over-head costs and managerial issues of having your own large inhouse art department.

We offer a wide variety of Macintosh based production services, including database and page assembly.

Mechanical Design

PLEASE NOTE: Mechanical design is the theory and methodology of analysing the funchtion of a product and making more consumer pleasing. We are not Mechanical Engineers looking to create or redign products.

We can help your company by taking your "raw product" and doing market research to help your team develop a user-friend product that will give you the best opportunity to capture the largest market-share possible! We can also assist you in building prototype to test new products or to refurbish an existing product for a secondary release.

Do to the nature of the products, confidentiality is a must on our end to help protect our clients investments. Our best publicliy viewable examples of our mechanic design skill is my collection of customized motorcycles. Please note, that we can work with any product, note just motorcycles!

The primary goal of the TurboMonster was to alter the bikes geomitry to make the riding postion my ergonomic for the owner. The seconday goal was to increase the bikes performance.
Features: Custom rear sets, instrument cluster and several pieces of boby work. Carburated engine modifed with a IHI-Turbocharger and custom intake and exhaust system.
The primary goal of the HyperKromo was to increase the bikes performance. The seconday goal was to give the bike an unique look.
Features: EFI system customized with a veritable vane turbocharger from AeroCharger, custom make compacked intake and exhaust system. We also added several pieces of boby work.
The primary goal of the Moose350 was to take the damaged 1969 single cyclinder bike and redesign it from the frame up with modern features, but to keep the vintage look.
Features: Custom made frame, swing arm, exhaust system and electrical system (6v/12v). Includes a rear mono shock setup and electronic dash board.

Here is just a sample of the software packages our designers and consultants are skilled in.

Creative Software:
Adobe Quark BBedit
[Including: QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and BBedit]

Managerial Software:
Adobe FileMaker Extensis Use OpenOffice.org
[Including: Adobe Acrobat, FileMaker Pro, Extensis Portfolio and OpenOffice]

Network Software:
webdna MacServer MicroSoft Cisco
[Including: WebDNA, Apple X Server, MicroSoft and Cisco Systems]

Our personnel receive up to the minute training and re-education on the latest in technical changes and design concepts available from such companies as; Adobe Systems Inc., Quark Inc., Apple Inc., Novell Inc., PrimeNet Inc., Thunder Lizard Productions, Seybold Inc., GCA Corporation, CareerTrack, Pacific-Coast Software and The Direct Marketing Association.

Office: (602)740-5884

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